Knipen Detergent dispenser

KNIPEN built-in detergent dispenser can be installed directly in your sink or countertop, so you always have detergents close at hand. Made of quality materials – good for your wallet and the environment too.

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This built-in dispenser can be installed directly either in the sink or countertop. You can easily refill the dispenser from the top without spilling.

A drip-free hand pump – fast and easy to use with all kinds of liquid detergents. The simple design matches both traditional and modern kitchens. Made of materials that are resistant to acid corrosion, so you can use the pump for a long time without it rusting.

KNIPEN is designed to match ÄLMAREN kitchen faucet perfectly, but goes well with other steel faucets too. Can be installed in a hole which is 1⅛-1⅝» in diameter.

FIXA 2-piece tool set can be used to cut out a hole.

This product bears the CE mark.





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